9 Ways Video Games Punished Rage-Quitters

The times multiplayer games bit back at rage-quitting players.

Video Games Punish Rage Quitters
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As long as there have been video games - especially tricky video games - there have been players who hit a point where they simply can’t take the difficulty of said encounter, puzzle, or what have you, and decide to chuck a tantrum and quit.

Now, I have no real problem with rage-quitters - as long as we’re talking single-player games. It's easy to lose your temper at video games, but plenty of video game fans don’t seem to feel the same way.

Punishments for said rage-quitting are especially sensible in multiplayer games where one or more players dropping out actually impacts the rest of your team’s ability to enjoy and properly play the game at hand. So it should come as no surprise that every inventive and slightly cruel punishment for rage-quitting on this list comes from a multiplayer game.

If they don’t get any consequences, they won’t learn, I guess.


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