9 Weird Times Gaming Personalities Featured In Movies

Gaming's finest, hidden in plain sight.

mortal kombat scorpion ed boon

The relationship between video games and movies has always been a "complicated" one at best: Hollywood has a habit of poorly adapting games to the cinematic medium, and it's rare that films get even the most basic technical aspects of gaming correct.

Remember when Charlie's Angels pretended that Final Fantasy VIII had a co-op multiplayer mode?

But it gets weirder when you consider the number of personalities from the video game industry who have dipped their toes into film, be it for nothing more than a sneaky cameo or, more rarely, an honest-to-God attempt to become an actual movie star.

These nine movies all featured appearances from prominent video game figures, from some of your favourite creators, to ultra-powerful business big-wigs, beloved YouTubers and even a certain games journalist.

Whether easily missed cameos or starring roles built on the personalities themselves, each of these roles are totally eyebrow-raising, especially if you managed to spot the hidden ones without being prompted first...

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