9 Worst Video Games Of 2021

The bigger they are, the harder they glitch the F out.

battlefield 2042

Can you remember a time when you believed in video game quality? Like actually looked forward to a launch, where excitement was not immediately accompanied by the tag-along thought of "I hope it's not broken!", "I hope the servers don't crash!" or "I hope it doesn't need too many patches!"

Today - and it took the one-two combo of Halo Infinite's notably fractured early access period and Grand Theft Auto's 'Definitive Edition' to do it - I had a realisation of nigh-on every game needing a patch or a "work in progress" mentality applied after launch, regardless of who's calling the shots.

EVERY title with a sizeable budget might as well be a "beta"; a monetisable core set in motion while we wait for months upon months, until the full picture is worth that initial or overall investment.

Truly, the eighth generation introduced the element of doubt into what it means to follow this industry, and though the first year of the ninth generation's stumbles can be attributed to covid, it's various core business practices allowing this stuff that need to be weeded out.

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