9 Worst Video Games Of 2021

9. eFootball PES 2021

eFootball 2022

Only Konami.

Only Konami could take one of the only remotely reputable parts of their entire company - Pro Evolution Soccer - and find a way to screw that into the dirt as well.

Enter eFootball PES 2021, a rebranding and almost soft-reboot for the multi-decade old IP, that Konami would then boot out the door in a state that I'm not sure legally qualifies as a digital product.

Aiming to be a free-to-play alternative to the premium, increasingly over-monetised FIFA, the glitches and bugs were immediate, footballers' character models an instantly meme'd abomination, and everything about eFootball feeling like a worthwhile platform for content to be plugged in simply didn't materialise.

Konami would immediately apologise for everything I guarantee developers were screaming at them needed fixing in the first place, and eFootball has stood, barely-upright, ever since.

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