AEW Game: 10 Features We Must See In The Upcoming Console Title

Stadium Stampede in a video game? It could happen in this upcoming console title...

AEW Games Chris Jericho
AEW Games

All Elite Wrestling recently announced the formation of AEW Games, and while the two upcoming mobile efforts grabbed the attention of many fans, it's the planned console title which has really generated the most excitement.

Developed by YUKE's, with Hideyuki "Geta" Iwashita, best known for his work on the critically-acclaimed WWF No Mercy for fifth-generation consoles, part of the creative team, it's hard to escape the feeling that this is going to be something special. While the teaser trailer made it clear that it won't be a photorealistic take on the AEW roster, that's not necessarily a bad thing.

After all, while AEW is a company more about pro wrestling than it is "sports entertainment," Dynamite is a show that's definitely fun, and the same being the case in this game is a must.

So, what needs to be a priority for AEW Games' first console title? Well, from certain match types to gameplay changes, and even a true story mode, these must-see features could not only differentiate this game from what WWE delivers, but make it every bit the classic No Mercy is.

That's no easy feat, and there's a reason that game is hailed as a classic, but using these ideas should ensure this title is at least every bit as good...

10. A Proper Story Mode

AEW Games Chris Jericho

Something sorely missing from WWE's video games for several years now has been a true story mode. There have certainly been versions of one, but nothing that really resembles a truly original storyline that you can take your chosen wrestler through. In other words, getting to experience what it's like to be a WWE Superstar has been off the table for the most part!

While All Elite Wrestling isn't a company that focuses on scripted narratives as much as WWE, they've already mastered long-term storytelling (just look at the Chris Jericho/Orange Cassidy storyline which played out over fifteen weeks or so).

Players should definitely be given the option to choose their favourite wrestler and take them on a lengthy journey full of rivalries, championship wins, and big twists and turns. Even if this means you're limited to only being able to play as a handful of talents - that would certainly make it feel less generic - providing it resonates with AEW fans as much as what's on Dynamite, it won't ultimately matter.


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