AEW's 'Fight Forever' In Trouble? Console Game "Way Over Budget"

Strained relationships, budgetary issues... the latest on AEW's Fight Forever game.

Kenny Omega AEW Game

All may not be well with the ongoing development of AEW's upcoming console game, Fight Forever.

A new report from Sports Gamers Online's Michael Straw paints a troubled picture behind the scenes, with developers Yuke's and AEW Games working through a strained relationship. Kenny Omega reportedly "hates" working alongside Yuke's, with one source noting that the studio has attempted to take advantage of Omega, who, despite his passion for video games, is a novice in the development field.

Fight Forever's direction and development constraints have caused arguments between the parties. Meanwhile, the game is now believed to be "way over budget", leading to a number of planned features being downsized or cut from the final product entirely. The game's roster is set to be a casualty of this, too, with Fightful Select reporting on Tuesday that despite AEW currently employing over 100 wrestlers, Fight Forever's release roster would comprise of around 50.


AEW may attempt to increase Fight Forever's roster size through post-release downloadable content, but Yuke's wants to ink a long-term agreement with the promotion before consenting to a DLC plan. At this stage, AEW doesn't want to do that, leading to talk that Fight Forever could be a one-and-done arrangement between the two parties.

Tony Khan's promotion has become "nervous" about signing a long-term deal after these experiences and may look for a new gaming partner in the end.


AEW and Yuke's are yet to confirm a release date for Fight Forever, though September 2022 has been reported as a target.

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