Anthem: 15 Tips & Tricks The Game Doesn't Tell You

Sick of overheating? Let's fix that, permanently.

Anthem Storm

Releasing in spectacularly fragmented form across a number of release dates, Bioware's first new IP in over a decade is having one hell of a rough launch.

Let's forgo the server dips and complaints though, as there's a lot to love about a small army of mech-suited warriors battling inter-dimensional beings with elemental attacks and explosives. What Bioware have created story-wise is pretty unique: A world where the titular "Anthem" is creation itself; an entity that drives those who hear it insane, drawing in factions and clans the realm over in a bid to control it.

As a full-price product though, Anthem is every bit a "game as a service" - an expensive entry level ticket to a story that will unfold across the rest of 2019. It's risky as hell (not just because EA are forever waiting with the guillotine to execute any developer who doesn't meet their targets), but because Bioware have never done anything like this on consoles before.

Taken holistically, Anthem's combat is where the majority of satisfaction comes from, but there are scores of tips and tricks to take note of as you journey across its lands.

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