Anthem: 15 Tips & Tricks The Game Doesn't Tell You

15. Skimming The Surface Of Water Cools You Down

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A baffling mechanic in the grand scheme of things, flying for only 30 seconds or so will see your Javelin completely overheat, dropping you out the sky no matter if you're mid-mission or on the way to the next checkpoint.

The game's way to get around this is dipping through waterfalls or going completely underwater, however a better tactic is to skim the surface instead.

You'll know you're low enough to the ground because your overheat bar will turn blue, and the water vapour will kick up around your Javelin's sides.

Until Bioware inevitably tweak flight so we can indulge to our hearts' content, use this method to get from A to B without stopping or slowing down.

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