Anthem: 15 Tips & Tricks The Game Doesn't Tell You

6. Farm Feats To Get Lots Of Gold Fast

Anthem Game Mass Effect

Another point about gold: You'll want it to unlock the myriad sweet-looking decals you can adorn your Javelin with. There's even a Mass Effect N7 one that I unashamedly hoovered up asap.

To get gold fast, outside the story missions (which seem to dole out by the thousand), pause the game and head into your Feats screen. Here you can view goals relating to everything from headshots to specific elemental powers you've deployed - all resulting in sizeable gold payouts once they're complete.

Meant more as a way to earn currency alongside general gameplay, focusing on these tasks can get you a far fancier-looking Javelin ahead of where it might otherwise be available if you're mainlining the campaign.

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