Anthem: 15 Tips & Tricks The Game Doesn't Tell You

9. Actually Want A Story? Talk To Everyone At Fort Tarsis

Anthem Matthias

Bioware weren't lying - they really did write a full single-player story for Anthem, though its existence regularly jars with the matchmaking and multiplayer aspects of the world setup overall.

It's down to simultaneously trying to make Anthem appeal to old-school KOTOR/Mass Effect fans and Destiny loot shoot-lovers where things get strange, but there are characters worth talking to like Owen, Haluk and Matthias, alongside a detailed world lore regularly tucked away on clipboards and notes.

Make a point of watching out for magnifying glass icons denoting things worth picking up as you move through Fort Tarsis, as this is the only way to keep on top of the onslaught of nouns the game throws your way.

The Cenotaph, an Amplifier, a Cypher? Relics, Shapers, Cataclysms or the Anthem itself? The game's world is enjoyable Saturday morning cartoon fare on its surface, but you'll have to do the reading and talk to characters for the full picture, as the main slew of cutscenes simply don't convey enough otherwise.

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