Anthem 2.0 Wishlist: 8 Ways To Fix The Game

Bioware are relaunching Anthem, but they HAVE to fix this stuff first.


Releasing a brand new IP right after Mass Effect Andromeda - known as one of their biggest failures as a company - came with a lot of stress and expectations for Bioware.

Anthem's first gameplay trailer was revealed at E3 2018, and it shocked the world. Even though a 4-player looter shooter was well outside of their wheelhouse, the potential of what was shown along with the promise of that "Bioware Magic" had fans salivating for more information.

Unfortunately, there was none, because unbeknownst to the public there was no real game outside of the E3 demo. Anthem had struggled with multiple restarts and design changes behind the scenes, while suffering from a lack of direction from the start.

Fans soon realized the retail version was supremely lacking, and blowback against Bioware was at an all-time high. One year later, the game has seen some changes for the better, but still hasn't lived up to expectations. Anthem has fluid movement, fun abilities and some cool ideas, but for every strength, there's a weakness.

Thankfully, Bioware has recently come out to confirm they will be revamping the game, and are working to provide us what we were initially promised. Let's take a look at what they should fix first.

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