Assassin's Creed 3: 10 Improvements We Want To See

If you have a lust for Assassin’s Creed that borders on the painfully erotic, do not read the following.

Throughout the Assassin€™s Creed timeline there have only been a few moments which I would call superb, but these moments are over shadowed by some awful dialogue, weapons, fetch quests and overall poor design. If I€™m honest, I only liked the second instalment in the rather disorganised timeline and even then there were a lot of problems I encountered. Everyone knows that Assassin€™s Creed completely missed the chance to be a great game when Ubisoft introduced time travel in the form of a shaved headed arse; Desmond. So if you have a lust for Assassin€™s Creed that borders on the painfully erotic, do not read the following.

10. No More Hay

Now this first change isn€™t purely my gripe, I know for a fact that most people are sick of jumping in hay. Now Ubisoft, when you€™re trying to create a gritty realistic story with a convincing setting and world don€™t toss that away like a bag of old meat. When you jump from a ridiculously tall building into about a foot of hay realisation seems to take one right in the sack. Yes, maybe for some lesser creatures at the beginning jumping into hay was a humorous little addition to the game, but now it looks bizarre, especially when I€™m enjoying the free running machines skipping from roof top to roof top only to misstep and dive into a mound of hay. I know this might some absurd, but why not take the hay away entirely and swap the hay for the cold unforgiving ground. Yes some gamers will fall to their untimely death more often than not, but the rest of us will enjoy the challenge of actually trying to free run through the trees, builds and cliff edges. However, I do know how frustrating it is to fall off a house and snap your legs on the concrete street below, so if Ubisoft feel the need to add some form of hay, why not have staked boxes? It€™ll look a little less ridiculous. Click "next" below to read the next entry...

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