Assassin's Creed: Dynasty - 10 Things We Want To See

9. Easier Access To Tools & Items

Assassins Creed Dynasty

Combat is generally much better in Origins than it has ever been, all because it has an amazing sense of flow from enemy to enemy. Despite this, there are still a few things that Dynasty could do to improve upon these foundations.

One of these things would be streamlining the use of tools in-game to make accessing them a lot easier. As it stands now, players have to pause the game and manually switch tools themselves, which doesn't sound like a big deal but it ruins the flow of combat every time it happens.

Tools felt a little under-utilised in general for Origins, although that could be because the berserk dart was completely missing. Some of the best kills in previous games came from silently watching a target go crazy after nailing them with one of these, but it was curiously absent.

To be fair, some tools did have shortcuts attached, such as pressing Y/triangle after dodging to use a smoke bomb, but this isn't the case for every tool.

Time to change that.


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