Assassin's Creed Kingdom Wishlist: 10 Things We Need To See

Nothing is true, everything is permitted - including a character creator?


With Assassin’s Creed taking 2019 off to focus on making their 2020 game their best yet, all eyes are on the upcoming title. With right now being the likely release window if they had dropped a title in 2019, it seems as good a time as any to look forward to what might be in store for players next year.

Codenamed Kingdom, very little is known of the game so far, aside from some potential Easter eggs spotted in The Division 2 and sources like Kokatu. These all point to a particular era - that of vikings, longboats and drinking horns.

Regardless of where (or more accurately, when) the game is set, there’s a few things players are hoping for.

Whether it’s a continuation of the direction Origins and Odyssey put the game on, a course correction from some of their missteps or just a blast from the past, there’s a lot of features fans have high up the wishlist.

The long running series had experienced a dip in the past but has gained a second wind, and had a lot of momentum from the last two releases. Let’s hope a two year development cycle will prove inspired.


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