Assassin's Creed Kingdom Wishlist: 10 Things We Need To See

10. Warring Factions


Assassin’s Creed Syndicate and Odyssey have both had multiple protagonists, but they’ve been two sides of the same coin. This did make the characters a bit more defined, but still didn’t stray too far from the typical formula.

With a Viking setting, there’s an opportunity to do it completely differently. There’s a lot of warring factions within the Viking history, and it’s likely this will feature in Kingdom. Probably though, they’ll go predictable with it and have one side as Assassins and another as Templars.

What they might do instead though is much more interesting. You could have two warring factions, split apart by whatever reason, waging battles after battles against each other. If it turns out that there’s one assassin in each faction though, you could play on both sides of the divide in whatever war they’re fighting.

To have two assassins essentially as enemies fighting each other yet having to work together would add a lot more layers to the narrative. Having a pair of characters typically means the players are a bit more defined too, as a big criticism of the franchise has been flat and lifeless protagonists.


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