Assassin's Creed Movie Trailer: 11 Things You Totally Missed

Oh, Ezio, we knew you'd be in there somewhere.

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It's here, it's good, and yes, the music is bad. The first Assassin's Creed trailer was always going to be a major talking point, but thankfully, in the words of Frozen's Olaf, it's "all good things, all good things."

The basic setup of any Assassin's Creed is 'boot into the Animus (a machine that accesses your DNA to relive your entire bloodline's past), search for something they once saw or hid somewhere, and relay that info back to the present'. It's a great little fantasy-meets-sci-fi setup, and has helped the series become a mainstay of every top ten sellers list for almost the past decade.

Now the first footage is out, you can bet fans of all affiliations are picking it clean for references, easter eggs and plot hints. A few things have changed, but many more have stayed the same - check it out:

With Michael Fassbender in the lead role and Macbeth's Justin Kurzel directing, this is going to be pretty spectacular - just make sure you're up to speed on every last thing tucked away inside...


11. A New Hidden Blade Type

assassin's creed movie

Reddit user Shouvanik expertly pointed out that for the spit-second we see Ariana Labed's fellow assassin Maria, she's actually wielding an all-new hidden blade type.

Across the games, what started as a simple, subtle dagger turned into everything from a blade-flinging projectile to a tiny gun and even a miniature crossbow. Everything about this trailer points to routing the 'world' of AC in those earlier games, and that means no fancy machinery, instead the 'fanciest' thing we've seen so far is a doubled-pronged blade instead.

Perhaps one of the barbs is loaded with poison? Or perhaps one can be fired whilst the other stays as a melee weapon? Who knows (and honestly, a twin-stab is gonna do just as much damage as a single, right?) but either way it looks supremely cool.

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