Assassin's Creed Movie Trailer: 11 Things You Totally Missed

5. All-New Animus (But The Old One Is Still There)

assassin's creed movie animus

To all the naysayers losing their assassin hoods over how different the Animus is, think to how the present day aspect of the game is portrayed onscreen. While we spend 90% of our time 'jacked in', flipping around, adventuring, hoovering up treasures, our present day hero is left strapped into the machine itself. It's not the most 'watchable' thing, is it?

To that end, Kurzel and his team have redesigned the Animus to a far more physical thing. As a giant cable that supports the user by hooking into their back, they're then free to jump, run and engage in essentially the same actions as their ancestors.

Assassins Creed Animus

This helps differentiate from any Matrix comparisons on the big screen, and if you look to the corner of the shot where the Animus is first seen in action, the more traditional 'bed-version' seen in the games is still included.

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