Assassin's Creed Movie Trailer: 11 Things You Totally Missed

6. Are The Movie And Game Worlds Linked?

Assassin's creed movie

Building on the idea of character Alan Rikkin's work on main-man Callum Lynch playing out alongside (or before) the events of the first game, could Lynch actually be one of the failed 'Subjects' that Rikkin emails Doctor Vidic about? He mentions them as a group, talking about the "failed subjects 12-16" and if you look to the above image, we have enough candidates to fill their shoes.

Perhaps the events of the movie play out and all the subjects stage an uprising against their Templar captors, only to leave Rikkin alive, who then composes himself and complains to Vidic about needing to "get results".

It's perhaps a bit of a reach, but the possibility is right there to connect those dots, and I'd personally love it.

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