Assassin's Creed Valhalla: 10 Best Weapons & Loot You MUST Find

The best armour and gear, plus... Excalibur??

assassins creed valhalla

With Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Ubisoft has once again struck gold with its change in the AC formula, as started with 2017's Origins.

873 AD England and Norway are yours to explore, and when you’re not raiding and drinking your way across the gorgeous countryside, you’ll be searching every nook and cranny for that most elusive of loot; the crème de la crème of armour and weapons to help vanquish the Anglo Saxons that stand in your way of conquering this new land.

Now there are tons over other loot to find across the land, from Roman artefacts to *groan* flying pages right out of AC III. While all wealth in the game is useful, it’s the weapons and armour you really want. The Saxons won’t be defeated by Carbon Ingots alone.

Unlike Origins and Odyssey, however, there is not an abundance of weapon and armour drops. They can only be found through Valhalla's excellent new wealth system that shows the player where the worthwhile goodies are; the bigger the icon the more worthwhile the treasure.

Warning: There are spoilers for certain weapons and armour on this list.

10. Armour: Hidden Ones Set

It’s the name of the game: Assassin’s Creed. You are an assassin, or hidden one, as they were known before the creed fully formed into a brotherhood. Collecting all the pieces of the Hidden One Armour Set will make you feel like a true assassin.

While wearing the gear you’ll receive an increase to assassination damage when crouched and undetected for 10 seconds.

As this armour set is in the Raven skillset (there is also Bear and Wolf) it’s essential you focus purely on the Raven skills to maximize assassin damage output. The second bonus is an additional increase to headshot damage. Level up a good predator bow, as well as the Guided Arrow and Predator Bow Combo skills and you will be unstoppable at a distance.

In order to obtain this armour set, you'll need to find various Hidden One's Bureaus scattered around the game world. These areas are well hidden, but following your wealth markers around the world will help you find them.

The pieces can be found in Ledecestrescire, Lunden, Essexe, Jorvik, and Glowecestrescire. All the bureau's are underground and the entrance can be found close by to where the wealth icon led you.

A good assassin stays in the shadows and remains undetected; claim this set and your enemies will never see you coming.


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