Baldur's Gate 3: 10 Best Secrets You Need To Find

10. Recruiting The Baby Owlbear Is One Of Baldur's Gate 3's Best Secrets

baldurs gate 3 owlbear
Larian Studios

If you, like me, have delighted in mining YouTube for the craziest things Baldur’s Gate 3 players have pulled off in the game - including dropping an enlarged Owlbear from a vertically advantageous position to decimate a baddie - you will know Owlbears are not to be trifled with.

Then again they are pretty darn cute, especially the tiny ones.

Early in Act 1, Bladur's Gate 3 players can discover a fairly obscured cave containing an Owlbear and her cub. If you would like to take that cub for yourself, good news, you totally can. First, you have to be a terrible person and kill its mum which is that much harder if you used Speak With Animals to talk to her first, then the littlest guy runs to the goblin camp - where you have a couple of different approaches to liberate said cub - and then it’ll rock up at your camp after a handful of long rests.

If you already knew this one and you need your secrets to be more secret-y, then how about the achievement you can get for petting the cub and your pup companion Scratch at the same time? That’s right. As the achievement itself says, “You Have Two Hands For a Reason.”


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