Batman Arkham City Sequel: 10 New Characters We Want to See

A batch of Gotham's finest heroes, villains and supporting eccentrics we'd like to see added to the sequel.

Recently fellow What Culture writer Stuart W. Bedford put together a list of things that he would love to see in Rocksteady's follow up to Batman Arkham City. An equally exciting aspect of speculation is to wonder which characters we'll see in in the much anticipated sequel. So here's a batch of heroes, villains and supporting cast member we'd like to see added, along with a few who we think deserve more time under the spotlight.

Supporting Cast

1. Lucius Fox

The Wayne Corp. CEO and supplier gadgets is one of the few people that are part of Bruce Wayne's world as well as Batman's. If the next game uses the the whole city of Gotham as its stage, Lucius would be a great way to introduce new ways to traverse the area. He was mentioned by Alfred during Arkham City, so it's not too unlikely that he might make an appearance in the follow up. It's probably too much to hope that Rocksteady will hire Morgan Freeman to do the voice, but we can always dream.

2. Harvey Bullock

While it's neat to see Batman cooperating with GCPD Officer Cash in the first two games, it'd be even more interesting to see Bats interact with a cop who doesn't like or even trust him. That's what made Bullock such a memorable character in Batman: The Animated Series, while he and Batman were on the same side, they were also at odds. This dynamic could add a lot of interesting tension to the plot of the next game.

3. Renée Montoya

Another interesting member of the GCPD is Bullocks long time partner who was originally created for The Animated Series but so well liked by DC writers that she was added into the DCU before her her animated debut. Montoya's quick witted banter with Bullock was some of the best dialog in the series and would make for some great scenes in the next game. An even more intriguing potential for plot development would be her later identity as the new version of The Question. Click "next" below to see what Heroes we want in the sequel...

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