Batman Arkham City Sequel: 10 New Characters We Want to See


4. Spoiler

Growing up with a small time villain for a father inspired Stephanie Brown to go in a different direction and become a vigilante. Being stubborn when it comes to taking orders could provide some intense conflict in certain missions during the game and her romantic relationship with Robin would also make for some interesting plot material.

5. Huntress

Born into one of the biggest mob families in Gotham Helena Bertinelli got a first hand look at where crime leads when she witnessed her relatives being murdered by a rival family at the age of 19. The horrors of this event spurred her to train hard so that she could put an end to the mob families of Gotham. Her unpredictable and violent behavior has often put her at odds with Batman and would make for some great moments of in game tension. While not having appeared in either of the Arkham Games, she is briefly mentioned in an interview between Vicki Vale and Quincy Sharp so much like Lucius Fox, her inclusion in the next game seems somewhat likely.

6. The Creeper

Another vigilante mentioned during Sharp's interview with Vale is The Creeper. After being exposed to an experimental batch of nanocells reporter Jack Ryder was given enhanced strength and stamina making him a fierce (if slightly unstable) fighter. If the name Jack Ryder sounds familiar to you, that's because he's the news reporter heard on radio broadcast in Arkham Asylum and seen briefly in Arkham City as a political prisoner. So while he's already technically shown up, we're hoping to see his alter ego in the next game. Click "next" below to see what villains we want including...

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