Batman Arkham City Sequel: 10 Things We Want To See

While we all wait for the official word why don’t join us on this flight of Bat-fancy, because we all know it's coming. Soon....

With E3 2012 now fully in the past, the world breathes a collective sigh of disappointment that there was no announcement for an Arkham City sequel. But we all know it's coming. Soon. With the €˜Batman: Arkham€™ series being one of the most highly acclaimed video game franchises of recent years (we gave it 5/5, aren€™t we lovely?), there€™s little wonder that around 99.9% of us are chomping at the bit for info on the next chapter. Well unfortunately, Rocksteady are maintaining a tight-lipped silence on the topic for now, but the inevitable announcement is as sure as the outcome of a fight between Batman and a street level mugger. So, while we all wait for the official word why don€™t join us on this flight of Bat-fancy, and share in our ten fantasy inclusions into the next Arkham title? There will be punch and pie afterwards (may not be true).

10. Gotham City, Urban Playground

Arkham Asylum saw us work our way through the deeply rich yet confined madhouse and Arkham City saw that same environment pushed outward to span a district of Gotham. There€™s only one logical next step: the entirety of Gotham itself. As discussed by Rob Beames in his article on why GTAV will suck (not sure I agree, but I respect the hell outta this guy regardless), sequels tend to be met with a demand for greater scale than their predecessors. Gotham would certainly provide the scale, while Batman€™s abilities provide the playground.

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