Batman Arkham City Sequel: 5 Things We Demand To See

But we'll likely still buy it regardless.

Back in 2009, game developer Rocksteady gave the world the best Batman/Superhero video game ever with Batman: Arkham Asylum. For the first time, gamers were graced with the opportunity to BE Batman in a digital world. Fast forward to 2011 and the release of the direct sequel Batman: Arkham City. Incredibly we all know now that the sequel surpassed the original I every way. That being said, we can't help but wonder how Rocksteady will one-up Arkham City with their next inevitable installment. We have a few demands however that we think can help...

1. Keep The Joker Dead

In Arkham City, game writer and all around Batman God Paul Dini made a seriously ballsy move and killed off one of the most iconic characters in fiction history. It made for a chilling conclusion to an already stellar game and left the player with that "End of Empire Strikes Back" hollowness. It truly is the perfect recipe for what you want a middle piece of a trilogy to be. Of course in all likihood the Joker somehow could return in the next game, however I think it would be far more interesting to go through the game as a Batman dealing with the death of his evil counterpart. Who knows how Batman would react to such a thing as it has never been seen in any other medium. Story wise this would allow for some interesting new takes on the character. Also the clown's presence would still be felt in the city dead or alive.

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