Batman Arkham: Court Of Owls - 9 New Villains That Need To Be Included

The Joker is old news - these are the enemies The Dark Knight needs to face next.

Warner Bros.

Despite the best efforts of WB Montreal, we've known that a new Batman game has been on the cards for a while now. From a leaked follow up to Arkham Knight featuring Damian Wayne under the cowl to an assortment of rumours about a prequel featuring The Caped Crusader's first team-up with Robin, the future of the Arkham franchise has been one of the industry's worst kept secrets.

However, the latest rumours seem to indicate that an official announcement surrounding the Dark Knight's next adventure won't be far off. A series of tantalising teases from various WB Montreal devs on Twitter seem to hint that not only is the game in full swing, but could feature an iconic Batman foe that the Arkham franchise has yet to see implemented.

It's a very exciting prospect, especially as the rogues gallery present in the current four games is a touch predictable. As much as we love the likes of The Penguin, Two-Face, Bane and The Joker, their presence at the forefront of the franchise does get in the way of many of Batman's more obscure and eccentric foes.

Much like Arkham Origins did through some of its alternative villain choices, let's hope this next Arkham sequel digs deeper into the frankly stacked Batman rogue gallery to bring in some fresh faces, including...


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