Batman: Arkham Knight - 10 Big Things We Now Know

As the hype-machine thunders along, we tell you 10 crucial details you need to know about one of the biggest games of the year.

Batman: Arkham Knight will be RockSteady's swan song to the Caped Crusader, after popularising him to the gaming community with the critically-acclaimed titles Arkham Asylum in 2009 and Arkham City in 2011. With some fans disappointed by the lack of innovation in the non-RockSteady created game Arkham Origins, Knight will bring the series solely to this generation of platforms (next-gen if you prefer) and as such, we expect big things from the company's final entry. Marketing has already begun strongly, as not only did Game Informer get an exclusive look at the game, but a cinematic trailer was released showcasing some beautiful CGI-cutscenes (note that all cutscenes within the game itself will be in-game created). In the days since, RockSteady has taken the time throw us all appetisers of what is to come in the epic finale to their trilogy. Through everything said, we've gathered what we feel are the 10 biggest things to expect from Arkham Knight (so far).

10. Scarecrow's Back

That little warped talking in the beginning of the trailer wasn't a problem with your computer's speakers. As amazing a game as Arkham Asylum was, one of its weaker aspects was the boss battles, which came off as repetitive and subsequently boring, despite the fantastic character models each villain was given. Of course, this statement applies to everyone but Scarecrow, who surprised gamers not once, not twice, but three times with his fear-induced nightmares that placed Batman into a gritty obstacle course full of skeletons and monsters alike. The character's apparent demise at the hands of Killer Croc was proven false in Arkham City, when several number-sequences found in the crytographic sequencer revealed his status and final message to Batman that "Fear will tear Gotham City to shreds". The plot synopsis of Arkham Knight reveals that Scarecrow will be the main antagonist of the game, gathering a large chunk of Batman's rogues' gallery to get his revenge. While it is kind of strange that he's blaming Batman for what was Killer Croc's doing, we'll see how far he'll go to enact his plan.

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