Batman: Arkham Knight - 10 Perfect Ideas For The Next Batman Game

Come on Warner Bros., Batman Beyond. Make it happen.

The release of Batman: Arkham Knight marked the end of Rocksteady's tenure of the Batman mythos, and fans the world over are left with one question crawling to the tips of their tongues: "what now?" It's certainly something to chew over as despite the announcement of DLC promising new content in the coming months, speculation on the future of the Caped Crusader continues unabated. It's amazing that a series as monumental and influential as the Arkhamverse was born from the simple concept of setting an entire game within the confines of the titular Asylum - Grant Morrison's deliciously twisted Arkham Asylum: A Serious House On A Serious Earth serving as inspiration - but as the saying goes, big things have small beginnings. And while Rocksteady have made it clear that they're done with the Arkhamverse, I think we can all agree that it's only a matter of time until we're graced with another Batman game - whether that's through a continuation of the Arkham series under a new developer, or an entirely new take altogether. So where DO we go from here? Well, Batman's taken on so many shapes over his 75-year history that it's nearly impossible to mold the character into something that wouldn't be instantly recognizable to audiences everywhere. Note: I'm going to assume that you've already finished Arkham Knight if you're reading this, so feel free to interpret this as a spoiler warning.

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