Batman Arkham Knight: 10 Rumours You Need To Know

The caped crusader is back, but is the cowl safe?

RocksteadyRocksteadyBatman Arkham Knight is Rocksteady Studios final hurrah into the world of DC headliner Batman. For those fans who prefer their heroes a little darker than your average Superman, and your games based around those heroes actually playable, Batman is the perfect choice. (Although a Justice League Of America game could be fantastic, if it was made to a high standard.) As Batman Arkham Knight has already been confirmed as Rocksteady Studios final Batman game in their acclaimed Arkham series, it seems that they have pulled out all the stops to make absolutely certain that this game is the defining Batman game for many, many years to come. With that clear ambition comes a hell of a lot of hype too, and to make sure that Rocksteady Studios makes the game they need to make, they've been pulling in the finest talent from around the industry (in terms of technical wizardry and performance masters). That being said, it is extremely difficult to make any game of this scale without lots and lots of people knowing about it, at all stages of the development cycle. Non disclosure agreements can only do so much and inevitably there are leaks. Leaks lead to rumours and rumours to speculation. But at WhatCulture, we have facts! Here are the top ten rumours (read: facts... ish) that you need to know about Batman Arkham Knight! Oh boy, do we have a doozy at #1!

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