Batman Arkham Knight: 10 Things That Should Be Included

We're all praying Rocksteady can bottle the same lightning twice. If they follow through on these, it's certainly a possibility...

Batman: Arkham Knight is developer Rocksteady's much-anticipated return to the Batman franchise after the minor letdown that was Batman: Arkham Origins, and it brings with it extremely high fan expectations. Developed exclusively for next-generation technology, the game can truly shine with incredible graphics and a lifelike atmosphere. Anticipation is only getting larger for the finale of the Arkham series, and new reveals such as the inclusion of the Batmobile and the return of villains like Scarecrow have only served to increase it even more. Rocksteady certainly knows what they're doing; the motto of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" applies especially well here. However, as with all things, fans only want more, more, more. This list only covers some of the things that Rocksteady should include in their game, both things from previous installments in the series and new additions to the formula. Arkham Asylum was the first successful Batman game in years, Arkham City is easily the best superhero game of all time, and even Arkham Origins provided a satisfactory backstory to this version of Batman. Rocksteady certainly has a huge bar to surmount, but if anyone can provide an amazing Dark Knight video game, it's them. Without further ado, here are 10 characters, sequences, gadgets, and other miscellaneous things that should be included in Batman: Arkham Knight.

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