Batman Arkham Knight: 10 Things That Should Be Included

10. The Bat-Pod

Rocksteady has already confirmed a driveable Batmobile; can the Bat-Pod be far behind? So far in the Arkham universe, the Bat-Pod has yet to make an appearance while the Batmobile appeared in Asylum and the Batwing popped up in all three installments. In The Dark Knight, the Bat-Pod pops out of the Batmobile when it is destroyed €“ Rocksteady could easily do something similar. Not only would driving the Bat-Pod look incredibly awesome with Batman's cape whipping in the wind behind him and the wheel flipping as the vehicle makes turns, it would be useful because it is far more maneuverable than his other wheel-based mode of transport, which is effectively a tank of a car. Zipping under barricades to fetch Riddler trophies and flying over ramps to escape pesky thugs would feel incredibly satisfying and go a long way to making gamers feel even more like they are the Caped Crusader.

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