Batman: Arkham Knight - Everything We Know So Far

With E3 just two weeks away, we round up everything there is to know about Rocksteady's final Arkham game.

The final instalment of the critically acclaimed Batman franchise from Rocksteady hits the shelves on October 14th, with the Dark Knight once again doing battle with some of his greatest foes as well as a new elusive enemy named the Arkham Knight. After generating critical and commercial success with 2009's Batman: Arkham Asylum and 2011's Batman: Arkham City (2013's Batman: Arkham Origins was developed by Warner Bros. Montreal), developer Rocksteady are focusing solely on providing the definitive conclusion to their interpretation of the Batman franchise. Within this list, we will try and cover everything there is to know about what Batman: Arkham Knight will offer us, for example new characters that will be introduced, gameplay additions as well as tweaks and modifications to how Batman manoeuvres around a more expansive Gotham City. With further details of the game set to be released, as well as the potential for gameplay footage at E3 excitement is building to what is hoped to be the greatest Batman game yet.

10. Setting

Arkham Knight cuts loose the limitations of the open world environment provided by Arkham City and lets the player explore and roam far more of the dark and murky streets of Gotham. With the added gameplay elements placed within the game, for example a greater focus on the open world environment through the use of the Batmobile, the need to expand the world while retaining a diverse and lively world is necessary. We've been told that Arkham Knight will feature a world five times bigger than Arkham City and 20 times larger than Arkham Asylum, meaning the need to travel this expansive world with greater fluidity was needed, hence the addition of the Batmobile. What will be the most important aspect of this expansion is whether Rocksteady can retain interest and mystery about Gotham by including a series of differing locales, landmarks and tones while keeping the player engaged within the environments. It's a fine line as many open world games have struggled to mould an interesting one, but hopefully Rocksteady will be successful due to the great source material available to them through all of Gotham City.

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