Batman: Arkham Knight Reviews - 10 Early Critical Reactions You Need To See

Have Rocksteady actually done the impossible and capped off the series with the definitive take on the Dark Knight?

After years of mouth-watering anticipation, the massively hyped Arkham Knight is finally within grabbing distance. It's funny how things turn out sometimes though, isn't it? Way back in 2009 we were given our first taste of Rocksteady's spin on the Batman mythos with the nigh-perfect Arkham Asylum, and in one fell swoop the little-known studio redefined what's possible with licensed properties and brought renewed hope to the viability of comic book adaptions in the gaming medium. And, proving that their first ride out with the Dark Knight was anything but a fluke, Rocksteady solidified their reputation as gatekeepers of the Batman mythos with a sequel that topped the original in nearly every conceivable way. But hype's a funny thing, and when Rocksteady announced the final chapter in the Arkham series, the general reaction could best be summed up with the question that inevitably crossed everyone's mind: can they really cap off the series on a high note? Well, if the early word is anything to go by, the answer, it would seem, is a resounding "yes!"; as critics, by and large, have lauded the final chapter as Rocksteady's finest accomplishment yet, and a serious contender for game of the year. With praise leveled at everything from the stunningly rendered game world, to the new dual play system, it certainly seems that whatever worries fans may have had regarding Rocksteady's ability to cap off their run in grand fashion have been largely unfounded.


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