Batman: Arkham Legacy - 10 Fatal Mistakes It Must Avoid

Is Gotham City's population made of nothing but criminals?

Warner Bros.

Rumors and teases of WB Montreal's next addition to the Batman: Arkham series have been circulating for months now, and with so much hype and build up it's definitely going to be difficult for the game to live up to expectations.

Difficult, but not impossible.

We all know that with time and preparation, Batman can surmount any challenge placed before him. What matters most is that he is able to learn from his past mistakes and improve for the future. So too is the case for the much anticipated Batman: Arkham Legacy.

For all the incredible aspects of these games, the series still has some serious chinks in its armor. From rushed story elements to tank combat, much like the bat himself these games have seen both stunning victory and grim defeat. Yet with a new game comes new possibilities, and new opportunities to improve upon these less-than-stellar elements of an otherwise incredible series.

The Arkham games have had a solid run and certainly set the bar when it comes to letting players feel like the bat, but there are still some issues that get under our capes and need to be addressed before the Dark Knight returns.


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