Batman: Arkham - Ranking EVERY Villain Worst To Best

The ultimate rundown of Rocksteady's rogues gallery.

Batman Arkham city mr freeze

Superhero games are historically quite quite hit-and-miss.

For every Spider-Man 2 there's a Superman 64; for every Megaman, a Mighty No. 9. But in the grand scheme of things, it would not be unfair to say that Rocksteady's critically acclaimed Batman: Arkham series, despite the odd low point, is the absolute zenith of superhero gaming experiences.

2009's Batman: Arkham Asylum took the world by storm, lauded for its haunting atmosphere, innovative approaches to both combat and stealth gameplay, and, in no small part, some of the best depictions of Batman's classic villains outside of the comics.

This trend continued in the series' following three instalments, with many of the voice cast reprising their roles from the beloved Batman: The Animated Series. It wouldn't be a stretch to say that, had the portrayals of Gotham's rogues fallen completely flat, the games would never have enjoyed the success and notoriety that they did.

Over four sprawling open world games, the Dark Knight has seen more than his fair share of adversaries. From Asylum to City to Origins to Knight, dozens have tried to take down the Bat, and each and every one of them was halted by the righteous blow of the hammers of justice.

Strap yourselves in, then, for here are all of Batman's significant Arkham series villains ranked from worst to best.

40. Electrocutioner

Batman Arkham city mr freeze
Warner Bros. Games Montreal

Those who've played the oft-neglected prequel in the quadrilogy, Arkham Origins, will know exactly why this glorified nightclub bouncer places where he does on this list.

One of eight assassins who answer the call of Black Mask's $50,000,000 bounty on Batman, Lester Buchinsky, a simple-minded brute set apart from the common thug only by his electrically charged gloves, takes on the caped crusader aboard Penguin's ship, The Final Offer.

And it goes exactly how you'd expect - he goes down in one spiky-gauntleted punch.

While it's funny to see the stage set for a boss fight only for it to be over in the blink of an eye, you have to wonder what Electrocutioner was thinking even bothering to show up that night. The other villains have no time for him either - so little so that the Joker ends up kicking him out of a window to his death.

On the plus side, Batman then salvages the shock gloves off his corpse, so everyone's happy.


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