Batman: Arkham - Ranking EVERY Villain Worst To Best

39. Catwoman

Batman Arkham city mr freeze
Rocksteady Studios

Now, I'm not contesting the fact that Catwoman is an excellent character within the Arkham universe. But as far as being an actual villain goes, she's certainly less of a threat to Batman as she is simply a recurring annoyance.

Selina Kyle makes her debut in Arkham City, putting her cat burglar skills to use immediately as a playable character. Her feud with Two-Face accounts for most of her story arc, although she does cross paths with Batman at one or two convenient points in the game.

Arkham Knight, meanwhile, has Catwoman confined to a single building for the whole game, kidnapped by the Riddler and forced to take part in his lethal puzzles. She rarely has the chance to indulge her jewel thieving habits here, despite being playable once again.

In this series, at least, her most villainous acts seem to be taken against other villains. Can she really be blamed for destroying Riddler's robot factory and robbing him blind after what he put her through?


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