Battlefield 2018: 8 Leaked Details You're Not Supposed To Know

Wondering where Battlefield can go after World War 1? Well...


The release of Battlefield 1 completely reinvigorated EA's flagship shooter series. It wasn't in any major trouble, and the fourth game still sold millions of copies, but after a couple of games that didn't really offer anything substantially new and spin-offs that were plain old weird (looking at you, Hardline), the franchise's star was starting to wane.

However, moving back in time, specifically to the trenches of World War 1, was the shot of adrenaline DICE's iconic multiplayer series needed to get it back on top form. Larger maps, less reliable weapons and visceral melee combat made the sequel/reboot more inventive, tighter, and all-around enjoyable than ever, but while Battlefield 1 revolutionised every aspect of the series, it's also left it in a rather precarious position.

The game resonated so much because the setting deviated from the regular modern-military formula, but with Call of Duty repeating the trick by going back to WW2, this throwback format might not be as fresh a second time around. With EA confirming that a Battlefield is definitely in development though, combined with a string of leaks which have revealed tidbits here and there, it's starting to become clear just what DICE have up their sleeve for the next instalment.

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