Battlefield 3: 10 Reasons Why We Are Still Playing

Battlefield 3 has been out for almost a year now, and is still doing very well in terms of sales and player numbers. While the game is not without its issues, it's still a damn fun game and one we're still playing quite a bit. Oh, Battlefield, you never cease to amaze. From the awesome jet fly by's to walls falling and getting quads to knifing a sniper right before he snags one of your team mates. Battlefield 3, regardless of which side of its fence you sit on, is the most visually amazing and spectacular to watch games on the market. The scale of the fight makes for quite an engaging experience, and one designed to hook you for hours. And it succeeds. Without further ado, here's 10 reasons Battlefield 3 is still on the playing list.

10. Battlefield Moments

The aforementioned epicness of any Battlefield match, as mentioned above, is what makes this shooter stand out from the pack. Seeing a jet shoot a helicopter down, only to see a tank shoot the jet down, only to destroy the tank yourself with C4, the possibilities are endless. These moments are so spectacular, DICE even spawn two "Only in Battlefield" video contests, where users send in clips or videos of themselves participating in such events. The winner or the first contest, a clip called "RendeZook," has over 10 million views on YouTube. You don't get moments like that from any other game than Battlefield. Battlefield moments don't need to be big and explosive either. Defending an M-com to the death, only to see it blow up seconds before your opponent destroys it, getting saved from being stabbed at the last second and killing a guy with a headshot using the last bullet of a mag are a few of my highlights. The other major factor in these unique instances is building destruction. My highlight here is shooting an RPG at a wall, having the wall fall and killing two enemies as they ran in to disarm an M-com station.

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