Battlefield 5: 9 Reasons Fans Should Be Worried

It might be good, right? Emphasis on "might".

Battlefield 5

Since stumbling onto our screens in a divisive first trailer, Battlefield V has had a difficult time finding its feet. Mired amongst controversy, fan outrage and sheer bad PR, it seems like the game is already doomed. And whilst fans can try to be optimistic, there isn't much out there to stoke faith in their favourite series.

EA has something to prove with this game's success, though ultimately we don't need to wait for release to understand how BFV has impacted the company. Poor preorder sales are indicative of the current mentality towards EA, and by sheer attachment to the project, they appear to be harming it. It seems many fans have simply had enough.

But what is there to actually worry about? And should the fans condemn it as a misstep at such an early stage?

Even if you've watched the trailers, seen gameplay and played the alpha thinking it's not that bad, chances are EA will find a way to get a garbage fire going. And despite their best efforts to seemingly 'save' the project so far, there are still a lot of things fans are raising their eyebrows at.

9. EA's Tendencies

Battlefield 5

Let's get the obvious out of the way. This is EA we are talking about. And whilst it seems almost trivial to mention it, anything with their name attached must be taken with a grain of salt until all the information is in the consumer's hand.

We still don't know much about the game's DLC plan, which as fans will know, raises a lot of red flags. With a propensity for overindulging in shady DLC schemes, EA isn't exactly comforting people by keeping such details in the dark.

That, and EA seem to care universally about the bottom line, whether it helps the consumer or not. With Star Wars Battlefront 1, it was DLC. With Battlefront 2, it was lootboxes. EA have a track record of doing something to milk money out of fans, only to retrofit those greedy problems in the next game.

The question really isn't whether or not they will do something, but rather what is the crux of the game this time?


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