Battlefield 6: 9 Settings DICE Should Use

Conflict in Korea? Fighting in France? Shootouts in Space?


While the next Call of Duty (Modern Warfare's reboot) is imminent, there's precious little from the next game in its hotly-contested rival franchise, Battlefield.

Following on from the current-gen launch title Battlefield 4, Battlefield 1 was a brave but lucrative gamble from EA, going back to a classic wartime themed combat while Activision was doing its best Titanfall impersonation with various space-age themed Call of Duty sequels.

The market had grown bloated with stagnation, full of sci-fi inspired shooters that audiences were tired of. EA (either by having their finger on the pulse of the community or sheer luck) gave players a more dependable first-person shooter experience by going back to the past.

Battlefield 1’s all-round success lead to a Holiday release of Battlefield V, but it was swimming against the tide from the beginning, with fans striking back against the reveal trailer for a myriad of reasons. This lukewarm reception meant that official news on Battlefield 6 has been few and far between, despite selling over seven million copies.

Fans are clawing for Bad Company 3, and while that could be a possibility, we’re looking at where the next potential setting for EA’s blockbuster franchise could be in the next instalment.

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