Battlefield 6: 9 Settings DICE Should Use

9. North/South Korea


While nowhere near as vast as somewhere like the monolithic Russia, Korea could prove to be a genuinely intriguing setting, with its politically divided land creating a varied and exciting campaign.

Korea’s division between its North and South sets up a fairly natural route that the story could take. You could either have scenario A) North Korea invade and take over South Korea, recreating the actual invasion that took place in 1950 (a conflict seldom covered in video games) or scenario B) the same situation takes place but in the present day, with a unified Russian-North Korean offensive.

With Battlefield 4 taking place in China and around the Pacific region, it’s a definite possibility we could see the location of the next game (if it continues that timeline) shift to one, if not both, of the Korean Republics.

While its surrounding countries like China and Japan have had several games set within their borders (although Japan is usually featured in its feudal incarnation), Korea hasn’t been showcased in any kind of AAA or blockbuster title.

Battlefield 6 could be the stage that it deserves.

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