Before GTA V: 5 Things Everyone Does On Grand Theft Auto Games

actual_1364388007 It's nearly time. The release of GTA V is soon upon us and it is looking mightily impressive. It has been a while since we were introduced to a whole new world in Grand Theft Auto, with the release of GTA IV in 2008. The anticipation and excitement surrounding that game was truly phenomenal, making it one of the biggest selling games of all time. The hype around GTA V is even bigger. But for every new feature that the latest instalment contains, it's always guaranteed that no matter what GTA title you're playing or how old it may be, there are some things you'll always tend to do in the same way. This has been the case ever since the first 3D game, Grand Theft Auto III, and will remain that way as long as GTA games are being produced. These games are seemingly ageless, aren't they? Let's call this a trip down memory lane. My only hope is that you'll read this article and think, "I do that too!".

5. Tall Building, Rocket Launcher

Grenade_Launcher So, you've got yourself an RPG and are armed to the teeth with rockets. What do you do? Well, you could carry it on your shoulder through the streets without anyone batting an eyelid until you actually fired a rocket, which would then result in certain death as soon as the cops arrived on the scene. Or, you could get into your helicopter and land on the roof of a tall building. But the type of building was very specific - it could neither be too tall that the launcher wouldn't reach any of its targets, nor could it be too short that the law enforcement on the ground below would easily be able to hit you. There was one perfect building for this in GTA IV, which was the apartment that would become yours if you chose to kill Playboy X during the course of the story. The roof garden would make it very easy for you to hide behind pillars to prevent the police helicopters from firing at you, plus it would be difficult for anyone down on ground level to fire at you too. The added bonus would be that whenever you got bored, you could just go inside and save. Knowing that you've gone to bed automatically means that the police will stop chasing you, of course. How would you manage when you got bored on the previous titles, though? The only option was to jump off the roof to certain death.

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