Bethesda Indiana Jones Game: 6 Trailer Secrets You Missed

Machinegames' 2021 Indiana Jones has a timeline AND gameplay hints.

Indiana jones game
Lucasfilm Games

In the past few days, immeasurable hype has built around the upcoming Bethesda/Machine Games/Lucasfilm Indiana Jones game.

It is not hard to see why: the series is beloved, having inspired so many game series itself (Uncharted, Tomb Raider and arguably other Lucasfilm classics like the Monkey Island series).

You might wonder what could possibly be so exciting - it is only a thirty second trailer after all.

Just like the ancient ruins Indiana himself pilfers from, however, this short little trailer is stuffed full of tiny, seemingly insignificant details that might reveal some fascinating information about the upcoming game.

This article will break down a selection of the juiciest little titbits offered in the recent Indiana Jones game trailer. Among this list of exciting hints are tickets to European fascist fistfights, clues as to why Indy abandoned his wife and a few whip mechanic nitpicks that the trailer art brings up.

If you are at all excited for this new release, and want to know what it might mean for the Indiana Jones franchise, read on.

Did you spot anything else in the trailer not covered here?? If you did be sure to let us know.

6. It Takes Place Between Temple Of Doom And Last Crusade

Indiana jones game

A plane ticket with a date on tells us a bit more about when in the Indiana Jones canon this game may take place - sandwiching it between the Temple of Doom and The Last Crusade.

This plane ticket becomes the key to a lot of different secrets in this trailer, and the date reveal might be more significant than you think! The flight date on the ticket is the 22nd of October,1937.

Alongside confirming the game's position in larger Indiana Jones canon, the ticket is also dated just before the adventuring archaeologist supposedly stepped out on his son's mother.

Do you remember that he had a son? We wish we didn't.

Apparently, so does Lucasfilm, as they have confirmed he will not be joining the fifth film in the series. Whatever the case may be, Indy's son Mutt Williams lambasted the aged archaeologist for abandoning his mother in The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Apparently, he left before the two were supposed to wed (presumably due to the pregnancy with Mutt) a few months after the date we see on that little ticket.

So, we might get a little further insight on that thorny issue, with the ticket also giving us a valuable clue as to another possible point in the game...


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