Bioshock's 10 Best Moments

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When Bioshock arrived in 2007 it was rightly hailed as a masterpiece. Ken Levine and his team at Irrational Games crafted an incredible story which tackled complex, mature issues such as totalitarianism, unchecked ambition, and genetic modification. Not only this, but they set it in one of the most incredible game worlds ever created: Rapture.

A slightly inferior sequel followed which explored Rapture and its citizens in a little more detail before we were all blown away again by Bioshock Infinite. The setting was now Columbia and it was a city in the sky as opposed to underwater but it still managed to retain that which makes Bioshock so special.

But what is that you may ask? Well, it could be the fantastic cast of characters that are given depth through superbly acted audio diaries, the mind-bending nature of the plots, or the outstanding art design of both games. Or it could just be the fantastically chaotic gunplay that rewards constant experimentation.

It’s very difficult to pin down exactly what it is that makes Bioshock so great, so rather than attempt to, why not take a look at the 10 greatest moments from the franchise.

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