Black Ops 2: 5 Reasons It Will Be Better Than Halo 4

5 reasons Black Ops 2 will beat Halo 4 this November.

With any borderline similar games, with borderline similar release dates comes borderline imaginative fake contests between those aforementioned games. These, at the end of the day, are majorly hot air and metaphorical genitalia-measuring but always an interesting development in web-based arguments about which game will succeed the most, or which one's rendering of water will be the most superior; depending on which way your opinion is inclined. This year's major comparisons comes in the fall, in time for Christmas releases of the world's biggest gaming franchises; Call of Duty and Halo. Whilst many a self-anointed gaming superior will laugh off any suggestion that Halo can be matched by anything that isn't given the same budget as Avatar, The Matrix sequels and the GDP of the USA, and involves a life-like battle between a small boy with a knife and every God ever conceived by religion; or a game based entirely around improvised ways to undress Katy Perry on Kinect, I believe that not only will this game be matched by the sequel to Black Ops, but it will outshine it entirely.

1. Lower Expectations

If you haven't heard of Halo, the likelihood is you've been in a coma since the 90s (or aren't fortunate enough to live in a part of the world where homeowned technology is an obligation, however this is rather heavy for an article about video games so I will jump over that), the fact that a game attached to the Halo franchise is coming out is enough to induce pant-changing excitement in the majority of video game players; the fact that it is Halo 4 and heralds the return of Master Chief in the beginning of a new trilogy is something above the normal level of excitement. This also brings with it extortionate amounts of expectation; Halo kept the Xbox alive in the beginning, and is widely regarded as one of the best game series in the world, with a fan base the same size as one of the larger provinces of China. Granted, Call of Duty is hardly the smallest game franchise in the world, but it can be pointed out that Black Ops is to Modern Warfare what the unsuccessful step-son is to the multi-millionaire singing, biological daughter. Furthermore, if the "educated" gamers are to be believed; Call of Duty is nothing more than a long barrage of constant disappointments that hasn't been successful since Modern Warfare 1. This, in the battle for winter's gaming soul, plays in the hands of Black Ops because not only does it have the advantage of people not expecting much from it other than repetitive multi-player and a five hour story; it has the advantage that more is expected from Halo than has ever been expected from Wayne Rooney in the run up to an international tournament. With early footage and synopsis giving Black Ops 2 the potential to be the best COD game ever; the fact no-one expects this to be much of an achievement could make it look 10x better if it hits the perfect note, compared to Halo 4 which is expected to be just that.

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