Black Ops 3: 44 WTF Campaign Moments

42. The Insane Opening Turret Sequence

What's a Call of Duty game without an almost hilariously over-the-top, explosion-laden turret sequence? Well, BO3 delivers one in its opening half-hour, as you drive around the airfield blowing the living s*** out of anything that gets in your way, and then take it onto the road, blowing up APCs, manned structures, Terminator-esque Hunter Killer airships flying through the air, and eventually, a giant fleet of robots. Yes, these pesky bots, which become a recurring (not to mention annoying) enemy throughout the game, attempt to climb on your jeep when you crash and can't move. At this point, your job is to fire as many bullets as your gun can muster, almost certainly earning you the coveted "Decimator" trophy, which requires you to kill 10 enemies in under 3 seconds. It may border on visual incoherence at times because there's so much going on (as you can see above), but damn if it isn't ridiculously entertaining.

41. Robot Rips Your Limbs Off

Things go from fun to ridiculously grim in a heartbeat at the end of the first mission, when you're attacked by a robot, which throws the player to the floor. You then try to punch it (punching metal, genius), but it grabs your arm and rips it clean off, before appearing to do the same to your leg, tearing your other arm off and wailing away on you with its fists. Taylor eventually makes the save, but given how effortlessly it tears your arms off, it's frankly pretty ridiculous that its punches didn't just turn your face into a bloody mist before he could turn up. Video game logic (or is it CoD logic?)...

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