Black Ops 3: 44 WTF Campaign Moments

40. The Source Code-Esque Training Level

So, you wake up after being dismantled and are greeted by Taylor. It turns out you're in a simulation, complete with a full set of limbs, aboard a train which was blown up by terrorists and set back technological advancement many years. Yes, you're in a medically induced coma while medics work on you after the accident, and you're able to see Taylor because you now both have a Direct Neural Interface (DNI), allowing you to share simulated spaces within the mind regardless of what's happening to your physical body. What follows is a training exercise as you attempt to stop the train being blown up, and for anyone who's seen the excellent Jake Gyllenhaal movie Source Code, it's incredibly reminiscent, both in terms of the premise and the visual style used to depict the scenario.

39. Making A Terrorist Braindead With One Touch

During the training mission, you chase down a terrorist apparently responsible for the attack, diving and pulling him through a glass roof, gravely wounding him upon impact. One of your teammates, Sarah Hall (played by Katee Sackhoff), informs you that the perp has a DNI, so though he only has seconds left to live, you can extract the information neurally. Hilariously, rather than just get you to quickly perform the extraction before the guy dies, Hall wastes time warning that the operation can be "deeply traumatic for the subject" and "the associated subconscious interference will leave him braindead." I'm sorry, but isn't being left braindead pretty traumatic in of itself? You then touch the guy, connect to his DNI and he quickly expires, but importantly, you have the intel necessary to stop the terrorist attack (apparently).

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