Bloodborne: Ranking Every Area From Worst To Best

Some of the best level design in gaming. But which area comes out on top?

Bloodborne game

Bloodborne's praises have been sung from the rooftops since its initial release in 2015. The devout fan base still holds it in high regard as one of the best games ever made... and for good reason.

The difficult but rewarding challenge of defeating this beast of a FromSoftware title leaves the player in a sense of awe. This is thanks to several brilliant factors, including a mysterious and intriguing story, a brutal (yet beautiful) combat system and the downright insane boss design.

But out of all the reasons to love Bloodborne, one stands above the rest. The immersion. This is in no small part down to the expertly crafted world that director Hidetaka Miyasaki and the developers have lovingly pieced together. Each area of this nightmarish dystopia is dripping with detail and secrets, with their own host of unique design, sounds enemies and lore.

From wandering the Victorian-esque streets of Central Yharnam, to navigating the twisted realm of The Nightmare of Mensis, there are so many memorable areas in Bloodborne.

Ranking them from worst to best seems like an impossible task, but one must come out on top...

20. Lecture Building

Bloodborne game

The Lecture Building acts as a waiting room for the Nightmare areas, and as one would expect from a waiting room, it's pretty forgettable.

The area seems too detached, both figuratively and literally, from the rest of the game. The slimy student enemies that inhabit this building are annoying and weird.

Good area for new players to farm blood echoes, but that's really the only thing the Lecture Building has going for it.

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