Bloodborne REMASTER: 7 Things It Must Improve

How do you make FromSoftware's 2015 effort even better?

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For the past few years, Bloodborne fans have been asking for more. Be it DLC or a Remaster, the fanbase and various leaks are churning rumour after rumour about a Bloodborne re-release.

A unique FromSoftware game from 2015, set in the beautifully dark and gothic town of Yharnam, Bloodborne's aesthetic was the same level of dark and gritty as the Dark Souls series, but unique in how it changed to a gorgeous Victorian-era, Lovecraftian design.

Even the bosses, so immaculately designed in both visual and gameplay features, are almost perfect on the first attempt of the new IP. Almost. Some minor tweaks here and there could never hurt.

Not to say that Bloodborne is a bad game in any specific area, but as we've been playing it for five years now, some changes and new challenges would not go amiss. With the new generation of consoles now out and the rumours of a Bloodborne remaster refusing to die down completely, here are a few minor improvements that could take it from Hunter's Nightmare to Hunter's Dream.

7. Updated Character Creator

bloodborne central yarnham
From Software

The Bloodborne (and Dark Souls, to be honest) character creator is eons behind most other character creators. It's notoriously ugly, and mostly hidden by helmets. In a world of stunning graphics and 2020's new innovations though, there's very little excuse for the poor character creator.

The main problem is the smoothness of the skin, which looks like an overzealous editor decided to go heavy handed with the airbrush. To improve on this, FromSoft could just make the character model look a little bit less like spoilt milk; currently even the most skilled players who spend hours on customisation alone struggle to make anything that looks even remotely human.

There was also some features FromSoft decided to scrap, such as being able to use the mirror in the Hunter's Dream to edit your appearance whenever you'd like - something that wouldn't go unappreciated if fully implemented.

The new Demon Souls Remake released in early November has already significantly improved on this issue. We are now spoiled for choice with all of the options we have as well as the faces having gritty reality to them - scarred and grizzled.

Sure, the skin around the eyes still looks a little bit weird, but seeing those now sharply defined pupils poking out from under your helmet is a satisfying change. We can only hope a possible Bloodborne remaster would get the same treatment.

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