Borderlands: 10 Weirdest Quests You Won’t Believe

Weird, wacky and wonderful - bizarre quests in the madcap world of Borderlands.

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When the Borderlands series launched in 2009, it did plenty to turn heads. Whether it was the comic-book inspired graphics or the winning combination of gun slinging and oddball humour, Borderlands' quirkiness and characters drew an audience of fans with favourable reviews across the board.

Managing to sell nearly five million copies, the company leant into its success by beginning work on a sequel. Borderlands 2 came out in 2012 and arguably received more critical acclaim than its predecessor. Sales in excess of twelve million copies ensured that a third would follow on.

The third entry in the series eventually landed at the tail end of 2019 and sold more than eight million copies before the year was out. Again, reviewers were impressed and the praise always featured the series' seemingly endless humour.

Throughout these games there have always been strange moments and comedic segments that jump out as being... "different" to the rest.

That said, a weird moment in this series really has to work a lot harder than most to stand out from the crowd.

The following are times we were left questioning what the hell we were doing while playing Borderlands.

10. Purple Juice! - Borderlands

Borderlands face mcshooty

In the original game of the series, "Purple Juice!" is a mission that has multiple levels of weird the entire way through it. First off, it is given to you by that lovable character known as "Thirsty the Midget" - a diminutive chap in the Sunken Sea location that has the same model as a the Mutant Midget enemies but is inexplicably your ally.

The cause of his distress at this point of the game is the loss of the eponymous Purple Juice that his kind require to survive and thrive. To prevent all of the midgets dying from thirst, you go around and reactivate four separate pumps that are named after the four Hobbits in Lord of the Rings.

With the Took, Gamgee, Underhill and Brandybuck pumps all back in commission, you can rest easy that you have saved the Midgets from their doom... but are left with a few questions.

Is the Purple Juice meant to be a reference to Purple Drank? Does Lord of the Rings exist in this world? If so, did they name their pumps after the Hobbits or was it just coincidence?

Whichever way you cut it, a strange undertaking for sure.

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