Bruceploitation: The 5 Best Bruce Lee Clones In Gaming

Bruce Lee So, what is Bruceploitation? Bruceploitation is a cultural phenomenon that really began to take off after the 1973 death of Bruce Lee (and, to a lesser extent, while he was still alive). In a nutshell, it's the use of characters - initially in martial arts movies, but later in other martial arts media such as computer games - who look and act like Bruce Lee (although very few actors have actually come close to Lee in reality in terms of skill and screen presence). It was seen as both a cheap way to cash-in on his success, but also as an homage to the great man and a continuation of his legacy and it still occurs to this very day. Numerous video games have had characters based on Bruce Lee over the years (not that they openly credit him - it's just obvious). The characters in question usually have very similar fighting techniques to Lee and his signature "jumping stance". They also share his physical appearance, clothing and his iconic battle cries and yells (you know the ones - generally high-pitched). On that note, here are the five best Bruce Lee clones in gaming...
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